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Child of Light - All Confessions Locations

Xbox 360 Cheat codes voor Child of Light - All Confessions Locations

PLATFORM: Xbox 360
TOEGEVOEGD DOOR: Daniël Pietersma

Bekijk het onderstaande filmpje voor alle confessions.

Mahthildis Forest
0:07 #1 After Flying out of the Old Monastery
0:53 #5 Left of starting area, before Tree of Thrones
1:10 #8 Just after exiting the Tree of Thrones
1:33 #3 In the cave you enter through a well in Capilli Village
1:58 #6 Left of Capilli village right before Plains of Rambet entrance

Plains of Rambert
2:21 #7 Near where Norah joins your party in Windwheels
2:41 #2 Same as above. Enter cave in the bottom left of the area
3:10 #9 Inside the Magna golem near the heart

Cliffs of Eren
3:28 #15 just below entering the area where you find Tristis
3:58 #10 Above the mirror that leads to the Temple of the Moon
4:22 #4 After meeting Óengus. Fly up above a tree in Forgotten Tower
4:46 #14 In the outside area after ding Óengus' quest

Cynbel Sea
5:08 #11 Just to the right of Piscean Village. Head to the shrine thing and fly up and a little to the right
5:35 #13 In The Gate of the Sun "crystal cavern" area.
5:59 #16 Just to the left of the previous one at boss fight location
6:37 #12 In the Temple of the Sun where Nox flies off


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